Charles Edwards  -- Physical Plant

John Hoffmaster -- Christian Education

Connie Johnson -- Worship


 Jeff Glass  -- Communications

 Emmett Price -- Mission

 Linda Williams -- Congregational Care


Linda Miller -- Christian Education

Larry Mullins -- Mission

Laura Unger --  Admin and Finance//Clerk of Session


                        Vision Action Plan 2014 – 2019

                                           Spiritual Growth

Growth Items to Continue:        

        Sunday School Classes        Wednesday Evening Activities
            -Nursery                           - Children (Pre K-5th Grade)
            -Pre K-2nd Grade            -Youth (6th- 12th Grade)
            -3rd-5th Grade                -Adult
            -Youth (6th-12th Grade)
            -2 Adult Classes

New Initiatives for 2014 – 2019

    Establish a Strong Christian Education / Spiritual Growth Committee:
                   - Comprised of a cross section of the congregation
                    -Meet monthly
                    -Create annual plan for Sunday School/Bible Studies/
                    -Wed Night Program
    This year, offer 3 different days/opportunities for Bible Studies
                      -Looking at Wednesday lunch, Sunday afternoons and Sunday evenings
    Training Classes
            -Provide training classes for members interested in teaching
            -Adult and Children Sunday school
             -Bible Study / book study

                                                Physical Plant

Items Continuing or Completed    
            -Replaced carpet in sanctuary
            -Replaced side doors in sanctuary
            -Refurbished hardwood floors in west wing
            -Painted classrooms in west wing and new nursery
            -Updated appliances in Kitchen
            -Regular maintenance of facilities and grounds

2014 – 2016    (Created 3 sub committee)   
              Grounds Committee    
          -Meet weekly to implement the Master Gardener’s Plan (MGP)
          -Tweak MGP to meet future needs
             Existing Facility Committee
           -Determine “Capital Projects” needed (i.e. new windows)
             New Fellowship Hall Committee
           -Start the ground work for new Fellowship Hall

2016 – 2019    Established three main goals
           -Well-maintained Grounds
           -Well-maintained Existing Facilities
           -New Fellowship Hall


Mission Items to Continue
        -Elmore County Food Pantry: Financial & Manual Support
        -People That Care: Financial Support
        -Christmas Alive, Salvation Army Stockings
        -Elmore County VOAD
        -Relay for Life
Financial Support for 4 Organizations that is Reviewed Yearly
        currently:     The Well House, Medical Outreach Ministries,
                                     Empower Nicaragua, Outreach Foundation

2014 – 2016
        -Form a Partnership with an organization for two years:
        -Two “hands-on” volunteer experiences per year
        -Encourage different groups at the church to assist as well
        -Provide spiritual assistance through prayer
        -Provide financial assistance
        -Provide supplies as needed
        -Mission Committee will work to be the communication tool between the organization and our congregation

2016 – 2019
        -Use information gathered from community churches to work on a student after school program
        -Use information gathered from a law enforcement picnic to work on a community program to assist citizens in-need (adults and kids)
        -Use information from churches and law enforcement to set up a community wide work day to assist citizens